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masterrename github accountLaria Carolin Chabowski6 years
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2016-08-16rename github accountHEADmasterLaria Carolin Chabowski
2011-05-21Set the executable flag for againKevin Chabowski
2011-05-21Some Windows-related bugfixes and an "exefying" script.Kevin Chabowski
2011-05-20Another fix to the regex...Kevin Chabowski
2011-05-20Fixed bug in lotr_str_regexKevin Chabowski
2011-05-19An .str file can now be given as a command line argument.Kevin Chabowski
2011-05-19Edited README for GitHubKevin Chabowski
2011-05-19Added artwork and replaced progdir() with scriptdir.Kevin Chabowski
2011-05-19Initial commit (uncoupled from sum2tools)Kevin Chabowski