BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autoescapeSome autoescaping documentationKevin Chabowski5 years
developTrim whitespaceKevin Chabowski5 years
make-composer-compatibleAdding a composer.json file. We should be composer-compatible now!Kevin Chabowski6 years
masterrename github accountLaria Carolin Chabowski4 years
parser2New TestKevin Chabowski7 years
scopesGetting rid of some notices / fixing _get_var_referenceKevin Chabowski6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-08-16rename github accountHEADmasterLaria Carolin Chabowski
2014-05-25Is now compatible with PHP 5.3 again.Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-25Merge branch 'develop'Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-25Silencing possible array to string conversion notices (its okay here)Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-25Fixed backward compatibility with pre 1.0 versions.Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-25Fixed bug in template saving of FilesystemStorageAccess.Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-24New READMEKevin Chabowski
2014-05-24Fixed ste.php and steloader.phpKevin Chabowski
2014-05-24Refined test_closureKevin Chabowski
2014-05-24Moved to src/ste for psr-4 complianceKevin Chabowski