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masterrename github accountLaria Carolin Chabowski4 years
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2016-08-16rename github accountHEADmasterLaria Carolin Chabowski
2014-12-28Don't show link container when no links availableKevin Chabowski
2014-07-29Fixed weather iconKevin Chabowski
2014-07-27Fixed set-maxdimKevin Chabowski
2014-07-27Background image will now be resized, if very largeKevin Chabowski
2014-05-24Limiting the size of the filename for saving earthporn imagesKevin Chabowski
2014-05-01Fixed updaters.Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-01Added link to save current earthpornKevin Chabowski
2014-05-01Image is now stored in memory (speedup).Kevin Chabowski
2014-05-01No more flexible columns, 2 columns look best (IMHO).Kevin Chabowski