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* Removed test.biomeseditable-biomesKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Added some tooltipsKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Biome editor is now opened by a button in the sidebarKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Buttons of biome list are now (de)activated, depending on indexKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* onDel re-selects the current entryKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Biomes can be moved aroundKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Adding, deleting and modifying biomes works!Kevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* TreeView is working :)Kevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* We don't need to pack the treeview hereKevin Chabowski2013-11-04
* Added biome list to biome editorKevin Chabowski2013-11-03
* Saving biome infos implementedKevin Chabowski2013-11-03
* Loading partially implementedKevin Chabowski2013-11-03
* Started working on the biome info editorKevin Chabowski2013-11-03
* New menu itemsKevin Chabowski2013-11-02
* Removed some debug code.Kevin Chabowski2013-11-02
* New biome infos are now passed to mapwidgetKevin Chabowski2013-11-02
* New Biomes are now displayed in the sidebar.Kevin Chabowski2013-11-02
* Preparing editable biomes.Kevin Chabowski2013-10-31
* Removed hint to minecraft-1.7 branch. Is merged.Kevin Chabowski2013-10-26
* Merge branch 'minecraft-1.7'Kevin Chabowski2013-10-26
| * New weather condition fixing code.minecraft-1.7Kevin Chabowski2013-09-20
| * Merge branch 'master' into minecraft-1.7Kevin Chabowski2013-09-19
| |\
| * | Updated cold/warm infos of biomesKevin Chabowski2013-09-16
| * | Added new Blocks/Biomes from recent snapshotsKevin Chabowski2013-09-16
* | | Added hint to minecraft-1.7 branch to the READMEKevin Chabowski2013-09-20
| |/ |/|
* | Fixed bug in fix{Freeze,Melt}Kevin Chabowski2013-09-19
* biomed now runs on windows.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-19
* Fixed READMEKevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* Added READMEKevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* Renamed project to biomedKevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* A small help dialog.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* Feedback after saving & a friendly reminder to backup savegames.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* Menu item "Save" is now deactivated, if no map is loaded.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* Restructured code.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-18
* We're now Beta.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* fixsnowice -> fixSnowIceKevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Tidied up Ice/Snow fixing.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Snow/Ice can now optionally be removed/added.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Filling area with same biome does now work.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* GUI is now locked on slow operations (e.g. Filling).Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Better panning & some renames.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Renamed Toolbox to Sidebar.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Improved main window layout.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Fixed saving and cache.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* Enabled savingKevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* A faster Fill implementation.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-17
* halfChunkSize is not needed any moreKevin Chabowski2013-08-16
* Tools can now be used.Kevin Chabowski2013-08-16
* Enabled setting the Biome of the MapWidgetKevin Chabowski2013-08-16
* Preparing for tool usageKevin Chabowski2013-08-15