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2016-08-16rename github accountHEADmasterLaria Carolin Chabowski
2013-08-09Some functions to make accessing data in TagCompounds easierKevin Chabowski
2013-08-07More tag creation functions.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-07Added functions to create NBT data + tests.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-07Adding some documentationKevin Chabowski
2013-08-07Added a test for reading.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-07Some helpers for compressed NBT data.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-07Stringer interface implemented for Tag.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-06Now using ReadByte from kagus.Kevin Chabowski
2013-08-06Moved tag types to own file.Kevin Chabowski